“Punishment is not Justice: Defying Definitions after Sexual Violence” Photo by Alma Haser from the series Twins, curated for the cover and lead feature for Bitch magazine issue #78 Revenge

Bitch Magazine Covers
Issues 78-88

“The Lie That Feeds Our Ugly Fascination with Makeover Shows“ by Dara Mathis, photography by John Yuyi curated for in Bitch magazine issue #83 Heat

“Missing, Murdered, but Never Forgotten: Violence, Colonialism, and Justice for Indigenous Women” by Abaki Beck, photo by Matika Wilbur, curated for Bitch magazine issue #80 Ghosts

“Unsalvable Mysteries: The Case of the Heteronormative Healthcare” by Rachel Charlene Lewis, photo by Ashley Armitage for Getty Images, curated for in Bitch magazine issue #86 Sick

“Nostalgia & Borders” a photo essay featuring migrant artist and poet, Sonia Guiñansaca, filmed by Jess X. Snow. Curated for Bitch magazine issue #82, Broke.

“We’re Here, We’re Sheer: Cora Harrington’s Lingerie Revolution” by Eva Recinos, photo by Bao Ngo, curated for Bitch magazine’s issue #84 Glamour.

“On 90 Day Fiancé, Love is a Form of Capitalism” by Jordan McDonald, photo by Jekaterina Nikitina for Getty Images, curated for Bitch Magazine’s issue #86 Sanctuary.

“A Tale of Two Poles: What Stripping in Guam Taught Me about Colonialism” by Natassja Schiel, photo by SOPHIE, curated for Bitch magazine issue #87 Fantasy

“Listening for Footsteps: Offering a Brief Safety in a Hostlie Place” by Barbara Sostaita, photo by Verónica G. Cárdenas, curated for Bitch magazine issue #86 Sanctuary

“Sunday Best: The Beauty and Timelessness of Black Adornment Rituals” by Tanisha C. Ford, photography by Kennedi Carter, creative direction by Jazsalyn, curated for Bitch magazine issue #84 Glamour

“30 Years after the ADA, It’s Time to Imagine a More Accessible Future” by Anna Hamilton, featuring photography by Richard Downing for Sins Invalid, a POC-led disability justice-based performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and LGBTQ/gender-variant artists.

“In Her Image” A photo essay by Heather E. Reese, curated for Bitch magazine issue #84 Glamour

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