“Bound Together: One Year Later, FOSTA-SESTA Throws Sex Workers Back into the Fire” by Isabelle T. Lee, illustration by Cindy Echevarria

Bitch magazine issue #90 Legacy cover
Self-portrait by Nailah Howze, hair by Widny Bazile, makeup by Nimai Marsden, styling by Damaris Flores

“The Devil Wears Cornrows: Could Appropriation Lead to the End of Fashion?”
by Lauren Michele Jackson, artwork by Marylu E. Herrera

“Uneasy Spirits: Black Vengeance in Supernatural Pop Culture” by Bemnet Gebrechirstos, illustration by Daiana Ruiz

“American Pain: Remembering Erica Garner’s Short Life and Everlasting Activism” by Chaédria Labouvier, artwork by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

“Good Grief: Why Does Mourning Have an Expiration Date?” by s.e. smith, illustrations by Nicole Medina

“Intimate Access” Artwork by Nichole Washington, Portrait of Danez Smith by Brent Dundore, Portrait of George M Johnson by Gioncarlo Valentine

Portrait of Donyale Luna illustration by Kgabo Mametja

“Racial Passing as Chosen Exile” by Jordan McDonald, illustration by Alexandra Bowman

“Marielle Presente!: A Movement Remembers” by Nicole Froio, illustration by Catarina Bessell

“A Wrinkle in White Supremacy: Even Time Travel Can’t Stop Police Brutality” by Cate Young, illustration by Cyan Daly

“Open Arms: The Fantastical Pull of Tentacle Porn” by Cameron Glover, illustration by Carolina Grandinetti

Adventures in Feministory: Eartha Kitt illustration by Dani Pendergast

“Heart of Whiteness” by Bani Amor, co-art direction with Margot Harrington, illustration by Shyama Golden

“Love No Limit” is a Bitch Media column by Josie Pickens on radical, expansive conversations about love. Illustrations by Nicole Medina

“An Old New World” Reclaiming Native and Indigenous People’s narratives in science fiction, by Abaki Beck, illustrations by Sloane Leong

“Bad Guise: A Field Guide to Fictional Fuckboys” by Marina Watanabe, illustrations by Julia Stomal

“Love the Hard Way: Reflecting on the Magnificence of The Bluest Eye by Vanessa Willoughby, illustration by Alexandra Bowman

“Turning the Tables: Women DJs Take on the Techno Boys’ Club” by Jordan Huelskamp, illustration by Cindy Echevarria



“Bad Mouths: The Long History of Sanitizing Women’s Language” by Rachel Klein, artwork by Nirvana Kamala

“PleaseSaveMe: When Crowdfunding is the Difference Between Living and Dying” by Kim Kelly, illustrations by Yukai Du

“Where the Green Grass Grows: Cultivating a Haven Away from Outside Violence” by Elly Belle, artwork by Ari Brielle

“Domestic Disturbance: Carmen Maria Machado Gives Voice to Queer Abuse Survivors” by Melissa A. Fabello, illustration by Loveis Wise

“Ghost in My Mouth: A Modern Diaspora’s Endangered Language” by Aditi Natasha Kini, illustration by Manuja Waldia

“Beyond Self-Help’s Progressive Rebranding” by s.e. smith, illustration by Camila Ortega

“Trust Fail: Is Public Service Loan Forgiveness Too Good to Be True?” by Caroline Reilly, illustration by Xaviera Altena

“Solo Act: How R&B Music Made My First Apartment Feel Like Home” by Natelegé Whaley, illustration by Rachelle Baker

“Women in Dancehall Turn Up for Pleasure Parity”
by Sharine Taylor, illustrations by Robin Clare

“Under Armour: Sex Work, Style, and Survival” by Jourdain Searles, illustration by Olivia M. Healy

“Safe and Sound: How Podcasts Became Audio Enclaves for Black Women” by Briana Barner, illustration by Sacrée Frangine

“(Un)spoken Truths: Cousins Grace and Roslyn Talusan on the Healing Power of Storytelling” by Roslyn Talusan, artwork by Monica Ramos

“The Future is Fembot: Can We Change the Direction of Gendered AI?” by Dejan Jotanovic, illustrations by Alexis Eke

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